About Us

Holy Land Conversations is a place for intelligent, rational people to learn about and discuss the Palestinian/Israeli peace process and related issues. We provide access to resources including literature, peace activist and human rights groups, educational sites and news organizations. Holy Land Conversations advocates a just settlement of Palestinian claims while respecting the rights of all citizens, whether they be Israeli or Palestinian.

Our goal is to enable open and honest discourse regarding the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. Respectful, reflective discussion is a prerequisite for lasting peace and justice for all peoples in the holy lands.  Respectful, reflective post commentary is a prerequisite for contributing to this blog. The focus of conversation on this blog is the Palestinian claim for human rights and autonomy or equality. The interrogatory form of communication is encouraged to facilitate creative  and constructive dialogue.

As a U.S.-based website, Holy Land Conversations also seeks to better inform the American people about Israeli and Palestinian concerns. The American government has a strong voice in this conflict. A knowledgeable and objective American public can encourage its government representatives to act as fair-minded instigators of an even-handed foreign policy. The U.S. Congress must stand against lobbying groups who seek the hegemony of one culture over an other through military solutions. It is imperative that Americans exert pressure upon our Government to support United Nations General Assembly Resolution 194 and United Nations Security Council Resolution 242 with the same strength of commitment as was made to United Nations General Assembly Resolution 181.

We oppose the use of terror against a civilian population by militant Palestinian individuals or groups. For the same reasons, we oppose the use of state terror by Israel, including methods such as collective punishment, violations of civil and human rights, extrajudicial executions, land confiscation and the expansion of Israeli settlements, imprisonment without due process of law, ethnic cleansing, and limited and restricted movement of an occupied population. We oppose the use of state terror by any and all nations.