I recently received a letter from Henri Picciotto, Board President of Jewish Voice for Peace, thanking me for my (modest) financial support (Hey, there’s just so much of me to go around) for JVP, and extolling the advances JVP has made in furthering a peaceful settlement between Israelis and Palestinians.

Jewish Voice for Peace strives to achieve a lasting peace that recognizes the rights of both Israelis and Palestinians for security and self-determination, and works to promote a U.S. foreign policy based on peace, democracy, human rights, and respect for international law.

The organization has 80,000 supporters world wide, and dynamic and principled leaders in major cities across the U.S. It provides members of Congress with a rational voice for peace, and in its most recent campaign was the first and loudest of just a handful of courageous Jewish organizations that condemned the attacks on Gaza as immoral and wrong, and unlikely to bring safety to the people of Israel.

Jewish Voice for Peace:

 Called on all Americans to support Rep. Dennis Kucinich’s resolution calling for an “immediate and unconditional ceasefire” and “unrestricted humanitarian access” to Gaza. 
   Joined the call from Human Rights Watch for Israel to stop using white phosphorous that when used in densely populated Gaza, caused widespread, and horrific burning of the skin of civilians.
   Demanded an end to the siege on Gaza, which brought the population to the brink of humanitarian disaster with extreme shortages of food, water, fuel and medical supplies.
   Called for an end to the 41 years of occupation of the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem, including an immediate end to the ongoing expansion of Israeli settlements in the West Bank reasoning that only when Palestinians and Israelis are both equally free to decide their own sovereignty will there be peace.
   Called for Israel to end the attack and strike a truce with Hamas…
and supports those Israeli soldiers who refused to fight the Palestinian civilian population, and those Israelis who gathered every week to demand their country halt the siege of Gaza or protest everyday at countless intersections throughout the country; and especially those Israelis who stood outside Sde Dov air force base in Tel Aviv every morning of the Gaza attacks to remind the pilots that they every day they drop their bombs on civilians.

JVP supports the thousands of people who went into the streets for protests against the Gaza offensive in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. JVP supporters, now numbering 65,000 in the U.S, have sent tens of thousands of letters to Congress, Israel’s Minister of Defense, and even Jon Stewart, thanking him for his coverage of Gaza on the Daily Show.

So why do our congressmen/women listen to the hard line Jewish political activist groups like AIPAC who support Israel’s  taking the occupied territories away from Palestinians whose families have inhabited these lands for eons, instead of JVP or the majority of Jewish Americans and Americans in general who support a two state solution?

So if your Congressperson supported H. Resolution 951, 110th Congress which called for “expressions of condolences to the families of the innocent victims and… sympathy and support for innocent Palestinian civilians who reject terrorism and desire to live in peace with their Israeli neighbors,” who became victims of phosphorous and anti personnel bombs a year after the passage of H R 951, and supports AIPAC…..why not call them and ask them why they are deaf to the Jewish voice for peace.


  1. Of course Congress is not going to listen to Jewish Voice for Peace. No one is afraid of JVP. JVP has no bite. They are advocates for peaceful resolution of the conflict based on rational discourse and avoidance of confrontation. They are peaceniks.
    Whereas AIPAC carries enough power to be able to intimidate almost all members of Congress in to following their well scripted agenda which is to insure Israel’s hegemony in the Middle East. If you (a congressman) don’t follow the line, AIPAC will wage a campaign to get you out of office, and if you follow their line they can get individuals with money from across the country to back you. AIPAC has powerful sticks and powerful carrots. JVP has neither.

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